Monday, June 27, 2022

Lejog day 9 penrith to moffat

 No riding today. Leg feels better. Moffat toffee shop. Got nut and bolt from hardware store. Flew drone for 2 minutes before Rain. Staying at Rockville. No soap. Bit tatty. Got more toffee. Eating at star. 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lejog day 8 lancaster to penrith

 Went to emergency room lancaster. Got sent to a&e in morecambe. Got leg sorted and prescription for antibiotics and antiinflammation.  Train back to Lancaster then to Penrith.  Got really lucky on train times. Michele got to Penrith before me.  Ate at tapas very good but pricey.  Started antibiotics.  Can't ride tomorrow.  Michele's roam Got water in it and has failed so we have arranged to pick one up in Edinburg in two days.  She can borrow my element until then as I won't be using it

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lejog day 7 runcorn lancaster

 Not doing great.  Leg sore especially on hills.  Heavy traffic with a few nice sections.  Bike party through park.  Rain.  Curry or curry for lunch.  Can't eat curry while riding so bad rice and bread instead. Van to Lancaster.  Bought new Rain jacket.  Food great at hotel.  Got laundry done 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Lejog day 6 bishops castle to runcorn

 Terrible pain at start. Went to chemist buy new bandages and pads. Redid them pain much less. Had to get ride in van to first brew stop. Gentle rolling but long day. Brilliant Lunch burlton inn. Michele riding well. Light showers. Tailwind. Holiday Inn no laundry and weird restaurant 

Lejog day 5 monmouth to bishops castle

 Very rough road. Moderate climbing. Lunch excellent. St Barnabas church at 2nd brew stop. Found shortcut near end. Long 8% climb stank hill Michele really liked. Rain last two miles. Poppy house no right angles looks hand made. Great fish and chips at bishops castle delight. Redid sign Infection. Trouble with messages.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Lejog day 4 street to Monmouth

 Got ride in van to near top of hill.  Very painful to ride at first but knee loosened up after a few minutes.  Lunch was good.  Rode wells cathedral Severn bridge tintern abbey very good day.  Knee started to swell so took iboprofin and got ride to hotel.  Still got 45 miles . Hot weather.  Theakston's old peculiar

Day 3 lejog mortonhampstead to street

 70 miles 4000 feet. White hart at mortonhampstead v expensive.  Lunches below par so far.  Crashed 8 miles from end.  Rode to end.  Dirt in wound so went to urgent care took an hour.  Hurt a lot.