Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why can't we have nice stuff?

I just finished a cycling vacation in Colorado with Amber and Sherry. While we were riding along the bike path between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale Amber turned to me and said "This is how the SART would look if there was water in the Santa Ana River."

I thought about that for a few moments before replying "And no graffiti, no broken bottles, no trash, and no homeless encampments."

Why the difference? Why do Southern Californians trash bike paths and use them to house to homeless?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mount San Jacinto

There are three peaks in Southern California, San Gorgonio; San Antonio (Mt Baldy); and San Jacinto, that are sometimes climbed all in one day. This is called the Three Saints Challenge. Each peak is individually challenging so completing all three in a single day is pretty impressive.

I had no intention of completing all three peaks in one day or even one year. But I have climbed San Gorgonio twice and I climbed San Antonio earlier this year so Amber and I decided to climb San Jacinto last Sunday to get the hat-trick.

On paper it looks like an easy climb. It's a little over five miles from the top of the Palm Springs Tramway to the peak with about 3000' of climbing. Then five miles back. However, the entire hike is above 8000' elevation so that might make it a little more difficult.

The trail is not too difficult for the first 2.5 miles up to a saddle which has wonderful views both north and south.

View from the saddle

Immediately after the saddle the trail gets much steeper and very technical. In many places you are simply scrambling over boulders trying to pick up the trail on the far side. Several times I would have had trouble finding the trail again if there had not been hikers on it.

I was struggling when we got to the top so it was nice to get into some shade in the emergency cabin up there. Amber and I signed the log book.

Signing the log book in the emergency cabin.

I rested and ate while Amber explored the area. I was surprised with the popularity of this hike. There were literally hundreds of hikers out that day.

Popular hike.
On the way down we noticed clouds coming in from the north which gave us occasional overcast. Much appreciated.

Headed down with clouds from the north

I'm so glad to have completed this peak. I would definitely do it again.